VSAT Systems

What is Corporate Communications?

Corporate Communications provides direct reception of satellite transmissions or receive only broadcasts on a large scale. ANS has been in the Corporate Communication business for 22 years coming from a background working for Scientific Atlanta in the early days.  You might say we cut our teeth on receive only satellite dish installations and roll outs.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

A two-way satellite ground or maritime station, either stabilized or mobile, with a small dish antenna. Typically VSAT is used for narrowband point of sales transactions or broadband for remote broadcast, satellite Internet, mobile communications and VoIP.

What Makes ANS Different?

ANS has developed a number of long-term relationships with major systems integrators in the satellite industry. In this manner, we have successfully installed  and maintained networks for many major companies and government agencies.

Over the years, the satellite industry has changed dramatically as systems have become far more intricate and sophisticated, requiring technicians who are skilled in a variety of electronic, computer, and engineering disciplines. There is also increased competition arising from the Internet and other alternative methods of providing information. As a result, ANS and its strategic partners are constantly working to streamline and economize operations, while developing continually greater levels of expertise with an expanding array of satellite, electronic, and computer equipment.

To meet this challenging task, ANS has established a network of over 500 highly trained Satellite Technicians in all 50 states and selected foreign locations. This abundant Satellite Technician field force allows ANS to meet the manpower needs of any planned rollout, and to have trained technicians available to cover even the most remote regions of the United States.
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