Digital Signage

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a network of video displays placed in a variety of out-of-home (OOH) settings, to communicate timely and relevant messages to defined audiences. 
These can be video screen advertising or ambiance-creators targeted to viewers at checkout lines, or digital 'billboards' often seen on highways to warn of traffic, or for high profile advertising along roadways.
Digital signage is more cost-effective and flexible than other forms of mass visual communications. Nothing comes close to digital signage in attracting viewers’ attention,  providing timely information, managing  large crowds or influencing purchase decisions. 

What Makes ANS Different?

ANS has been in the forefront of digital signage with projects like the Airport Channel and the Checkout Channel over 12 years ago working for Turner Broadcasting and Scientific Atlanta.  These early days of installing large TV's in airports and grocery stores taught ANS many lessons on installing TV's in retail establishments.  Now with technology changing and flat screen installations everywhere, we feel our techs have more to offer when it comes to experience in the Digital Signage Field.
Due to the ever-changing technology that is being used, we have a vast field force that includes Electricians, Satellite Technicians, Wi-Fi Technicians, and Telco Technicians.  This diversity in our field force allows ANS to accommodate any scope of work.
Contact Atlanta Network Systems today. Any job is possible when you hire the professionals at ANS.