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Posted: 1/27/2020
Patrick Ayers - Certified Samsung LED Specialist
By Daniel Drummond

Atlanta Network Systems has become a national leader in the service and installation industry over the past 25 plus years because of our strong ability to adapt to the ever changing technological environment. One of the fastest growing areas amongst this technology is Digital Signage.

When it comes to nationwide rollouts, a strong, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable technical support team is paramount to ensuring the success of our daily operations.

To take our strengths to the next level, our very own Patrick Ayers took the trip to Irvine, CA to become an official Samsung Certified LED Specialist. 

This training consisted of hands on interactive digital experience where he learned how to effectively build, mount, wire, configure, and commission Led cabinets and modules in LED Walls. Patrick was also exposed to two days of specialized mount training at the Premier Mounts facility. He personally was exposed to the training of 4 different custom made mounting systems.

Patrick now has a powerful understanding of exactly how these LED panels work, what they are capable of doing, and how to professionally install them for our broad range of customers. This insatiable hunger to attain knowledge and broaden our expertise allows ANS to remain a nationwide powerhouse in the service and installation industry.


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